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Senin, 05 Maret 2012

2 Facebook Friend Bomber 2.0.1 + Serial

Please note: 100% CAPTCHA bypass can only be achieved by verifying a security code text message that is sent to your cell phone by facebook. Once this done, face book will remove all CATPCHA codes from your account. Facebook has become the hottest thing since MySpace and YouTube. in fact many are migrating over to Facebook because MySpace has become SpamSpace. By using Facebook Friend Bomber u can promote your blog in FaceBook.

Automating your online marketing efforts means:
More Time - Spend time doing what you want because your business runs on autopilot.
More Money - Because your business will be automated, you will be free to focus on marketing, and expansion.
More Freedom - Because your business is driven by automated software, you can do what you want, when you want, when you get read.

Facebook Friend Bomber 2.0.1 Fiture:

  1. Mass Facebook Amber Alerts (New)
  2. Mass Facebook Friend Requests
  3. Mass Facebook Friend Messages
  4. Mass Facebook Friend Pokes
  5. Mass Facebook Wall Poster
  6. 100% CAPTCHA Bypass

Pass :


Rizky Kazegami mengatakan...

Opo iki mas ???

Erik Distorion Knight mengatakan...

aplikasi buat facebook ^,^

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